Corporate social responsibility

Most people tend to think of CSR in terms of charitable donations.

Whilst we at KGAL do indeed contribute to water-aligned charities (for example, supporting the international charity WaterAid and the RNLI’s UK work), we also take a much wider view of socially responsible behaviour. Our values spell out some of the key elements of this approach.

But our business ethics extend to internal and external relationships too, to welfare, health and safety, the environments in which we work, our respect for staff, colleagues, clients, neighbours and communities as well as the law, local customs and the international expectations of behaviour in the territories where we work. It extends to data protection and our commitment to sustainability; even to the way we market ourselves and handle complaints or criticisms.

In this way our social responsibilities have become inextricably linked to our governance and strategic policies.You can read our annual Communication on Progress report (CoP) here.