Dams, hydropower and irrigation gates

KGAL'S unique level of experience in design and engineering of water control gates for hydropower applications is unparalleled in the UK. From feasibility studies and detailed design for new power stations to inspection and refurbishment of existing equipment, KGAL offers a complete service in this field.

KGAL specialise in control and regulation of water within the complete hydro power generation process for dams and reservoirs, intakes, headworks, draft tubes and tailworks plus the gate operating systems themselves: fixed or travelling hoists, hydraulic cylinder and power units.

In addition to the design of dams and hydropower gates and associated equipment we also design gates for irrigation for water intake, head control or distribution (with or without pumping stations). Due to its simple and safe operation (and one which requires little maintenance) the basic slide gate is the most frequently designed solution. Another design is the constant level segment gate which, as the name implies, automatically maintains water levels

Whilst KGAL is recognised as the leader in water level control, safety gate design and that of all associated operating systems, we can also demonstrate a track record in reverse engineering and refurbishment as well as project management.

If you have a responsibility for commissioning, maintaining, upgrading or refurbishing any of these assets and intend to take a capital decision soon, or simply allocate funds to a future budget, we’d be delighted to help with your initial enquiries: either directly, through any existing civil consultant,  contractor, or international agent.

Images: (l) one of the largest adit gates in Europe installed by HMR at the Tokke hydroelectric power station in Norway. The KGAL designed gate (3.5m wide by 4m high) will resist a head of 80m; (r) one of four low-level outlet radial spillway gates, each weighing 350 tonnes, at the Xayaburi dam project on the Lower Mekong in Laos. KGAL has designed all the gates (including three pairs of navigation lock mitre gates) along with the world's largest fishpass featruring over 70 gates.