Since our inception in 1991, KGAL has grown from three staff to over 40; our values, and our management principles of fairness, loyalty, collaboration and excellence haven’t changed, but the way in which they are operated has evolved in line with expectations and the changing landscape of legislation, technology, compliance and risk.

From changes in employment legislation to the threat of cyber attack; from the increasing expectations of transparency to growing regulatory frameworks, and from European and global harmonisation to the phenomenal growth in social media: all are evolving issues to which KGAL takes a proactive approach.

As an independent family-owned business for the first 25 years some of the governance issues were slightly more complex. As a consequence we developed policies and clear lines of responsibility, accountability and decision-making thresholds to ensure a robust and objective strategy and to ensure the family business and the business of the family were separate and delineated.

Now (since 2016), though KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd is a wholly owned subsidary of Whessoe, our Malaysian parent insists we maintain our operational independence and is happy to delegate management responsibilities to the UK board. Their confidence in our 'self-rule' is reassuring to staff, suppliers, clients and potential clients.