Health & Safety

At KGAL we go beyond the basic level of legal compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (we secured OHSAS 18001 accreditation in 2015) to ensure we provide and maintain not just a safe and healthy working environment on our premises, but that all premises and sites that our staff visit in a professional capacity are also safe and healthy environments.

By the nature of our work, however, the location or the working environment itself may not always allow those principles to be fully realised. Construction sites are inherently dangerous whilst, in some countries, the risk of disease or infection can be a very real concern.

That’s why we ensure that all relevant staff at KGAL receive appropriate training to enable them to undertake their tasks safely. It’s why we equip them with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) and provide comprehensive first aid kits.

But the most important thing we provide is the freedom to say “no”. It’s the duty of each employee to take responsible care of their own welfare; if he or she feels unsure how to perform a certain task, or believes it would be dangerous to proceed, then they are encouraged by policy to follow their instincts, walk away and report the issue to their supervisor or health & safety representative.

Thanks to the combination of our policies, legal statutes, the diligence of staff, the increasing awareness of health and safety issues, better systems (e.g. fire detection), more reliable equipment (PPE), and industry-wide improvements in best practice, we are proud to report not one single accident or injury to any employee, partner or visitor, ever, since KGAL was launched in 1991.

You’ll find a copy of our Health & Safety policy here. ­It was last updated in August 2014.

We also provide a range of health and / or safety related services to clients including CDM Coordinator services, as well risk assessment and HAZOP studies. In construction we also offer Cat 3 checking.