Health & Safety and risk assessment

Every significant task, and even those of less significance, justifies a risk assessment; profiling the potential risks in a particular project to determine their likelihood, the level of disruption, the associated costs, and the controls and courses of action which would prevent or manage those risks.

A formal risk assessment attempts to review everything which, if ignored, unsupervised or inadequately controlled, could have adverse effects; effects which could range from minor inconvenience to the seriously catastrophic.

The subsequent harm (which, like hearing loss, may not be immediately apparent) may be to employees, visitors (e.g. delivery drivers), contractors, site neighbours, the public or a particular asset.

In any assessment KGAL takes current legislation as the initial guide which the Health & Safety Executive summarises as “a level of detail proportionate to the risk and the appropriate nature of the work”.  Where KGAL adds value is in going beyond those core responsibilities; we look not just at the likelihood of events which could be reasonably foreseen, but also at the effects of events which are less obvious to anticipate (a combination of events such as a fire and an escape route blocked).

Working as the sole consultant, or as (or with) your CDM Principal Designer, and in consultation with your own representatives, we can undertake a range of assessments,­ from modest to sophisticated,­ where our specialist knowledge goes beyond the legal requirement to provide the best advice for the safest working environment even if, as is often the case in our markets, the nature of the work being undertaken changes through the course of the project.

KGAL can also undertake Hazard and Operability Analysis studies (Hazop) for the risk management of specific systems.

Follow this link to download our hydro risk analysis brochure.