The partnership KGA (Kenneth Grubb Associates) was formed in Bournemouth by Ken Grubb in 1991.

During his previous employment, as Technical Director of Armfield Engineering Ltd and Biwater Hydropower, Ken gained substantial experience relating to water control gates and hydropower capital equipment. This experience provided the foundation upon which the company was built.

Today, KGAL has more years of experience in water control gates than any other UK hydraulic steel structures engineer. That’s because our skills’ lineage starts well before KGAL was established. Indeed, many of our experts didn’t design their first hydraulic steel structures at KGAL. They designed and engineered them at Ransomes & Rapier, Joseph Armfield, Newton Chambers, Biwater Hydro-Power, GE Hydro or Kvaener Boving; past names famous for water control gates and from where, over the last two decades, those great skill legacies have passed to KGAL.

Throughout the early years the company's main activities focussed on all types of water control gate design and engineering. Gradually the work scope widened to include pumping stations, bridges and other specialist moving structures.

Due to growth, the status of the company was changed: in 1998 KGAL (Kenneth Grubb Associates Limited) was formed.

KGAL is not only the market leader in the structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical design and engineering for hydraulic steel structures in the UK, but also has an increasingly large body of work overseas. And the business has developed to exploit its core skill base in ‘water control and large things which move’ by building skills and expertise in moving structures (bridges, linkspans, port equipment) and hydropower.

KGAL’s management systems acquired ISO 9001:2000 accreditation in 2002 (now to ISO 9001:2008), and we secured 14001 and 18001 accreditations in July 2015).

In 2005 KGAL opened its first additional office in Wakefield, Yorkshire. The firm appointed a number of established gate designers (their expertise gained as employees of Newton Chambers Engineering, Boving Newton Chambers, Kvaerner Boving and GE Hydro). 

In early 2011 KGAL’s continued growth necessitated a move to larger premises and the Bournemouth office moved to the next door town: Poole. The following year, in May 2012, a third KGAL office was opened near Gloucester to increase the company's expertise in renewable energy and moving bridges.

In addition to office staff, some of our people work from home whilst others are based on site for the duration of their respective projects. The company now has over 40 employees including chartered and incorporated engineers, marketing, financial and administrative staff.

25 yearsIn March 2016 we celebrated 25 years of excellence; 25 years delivering engineering expertise worldwide. From one man and one modest job in 1991 to 45 people and a body outstanding and ongoing international work today.

We now move to the next chapter in the KGAL story following the acquisition of the business in April 2016 by our long-term Malaysian client Whessoe and our name changed to KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd. You can read the formal announcement of our change in ownership here