Ipswich Flood Barrier crosses the North Sea to the UK.

A tidal gate weighing 192 tonnes has arrived in Suffolk, ready to be installed in the new flood barrier at Ipswich. 

Ipswich has a long history of flooding, with more than 1,500 residential and 400 commercial properties currently within the risk area.  The new tidal barrier is designed to protect Ipswich from flooding during a tidal surge.  Located across the mouth of the River Gipping, the barrier will also control fluvial velocity exiting the river after extreme fluvial events, and will consist of a rising sector gate spanning 23m wide and 9m deep.

KGAL has been retained by Ch2m, on behalf of the Environment Agency as specialist sub-consultants to the Independent Technical Advisor for the new barrier gate, land-based flood gate and associated M&E systems on the Ipswich Barrier Project.

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