Time lapse video of new lock gates for the UK’s biggest energy port                                   

Either directly, or as a sub-consultant to the civil engineering lead, we have had a relationship with the Port of Milford Haven in South West Wales for over 20 years. Our most recently completed project was for the design of a new pair of lock mitre gates and the related mechanical and electrical operating and control gear.  

New mitre lock gates for Milford Haven

The main lock provides access to Milford Haven Marina, a working dry dock and the general inner harbour. But the lock itself is almost 244m long and it’s this length, and the time taken to balance the corresponding water levels, which determines the time taken for vessels to navigate the lock. The Port of Milford Haven Port wanted to speed up that process for smaller vessels by installing new mitre gates in the lock chamber closer to the existing outer gates thus forming a much shorter lock.

 lVideo courtesy Alex Brown

Working with Atkins and the specialist gate fabricator Ravestein, the new gates were commissioned in Q1 2015.

We’re now working the Port Authority again, preparing a detailed design for a replacement sluice gate at the dock entrance and advising Atkins on the civil engineering interface for the new gate frame.

Read the Port of Milford Haven's own news story here: http://www.mhpa.co.uk/news/2015/02/06/lock-gates-undergo-commissioning/

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