Our clients

Every year KGAL helps port and marina owners, power utilities, contractors, consultants, national government agencies and regional authorities to achieve their objectives. They depend on KGAL for our expertise and, on the strength of our past performance, frequently return to us for new projects or subsequent phases.

In the last four years over 50% of our clients have commissioned us again. What’s more, it’s a pattern that’s increasing: of all our clients in 2013, we worked with over 70% of them again in 2014.

But it’s not just for any one or more­ of the 30 services which we now offer that generates this kind of loyalty; to be frank, a lot of these services can be offered by other consultants too. What other consultants can’t offer is the service expertise and what the Americans call “service after shipment” in our unique mix of markets. Nor can they offer the our depth of specialist experience combined with our contractor background.

Our clients know we spend their money efficiently: they know we’ve learnt and honed our skills in over 400 man-years of previous jobs; they know we won’t exploit their trust or their budgets to re-invent the wheel.

Here’s just some of our clients who share this thinking and with whom we have enjoyed a continuity of work.

As this year, 2016, we celebrate of 25 years of excellence, we asked our clients to proivide an objective view about us and our work. You can read some of those client testimonials here.