Suppliers who help us manage our work

The level of purchases made by KGAL is minimal. Nevertheless, as part of our Quality Assurance procedures, potential suppliers’ credentials are audited to ensure they meet essential minimum standards. These criteria address a supplier’s own level of quality assurance, their ability to supply to specification, their timeliness and price.

Typically, new suppliers will, in the first instance, be sent a supplier questionnaire. This seeks to determine the supplier’s ISO registration and any other third party certification, their insurance limitations and evidence of a quality manual or procedures. In rare circumstances we may wish to undertake a quality appraisal visit and / or a financial audit. We may also request a supplier completes our environmental questionnaire.

Following our initial assessment the supplier will, if successful, be added to our approved suppliers’ list and, as part of our continuous assessment process, be re-assessed thereafter on an annual basis.

Suppliers who are added to our approved list are not necessarily guaranteed a subsequent purchase. For this reason suppliers cannot claim KGAL Consulting Engineers as a client until a purchase has been made for which a quotable purchase order number will always be given.

Suppliers who help us deliver our work

KGAL occasionally needs to appoint a sub-contractor or specify a particular component or fabrication. We don’t use any pre-qualification databases (e.g. Builder’s Profile) but, by developing strong relationships with previous delivery partners, tend to work with or recommend people and firms who have collaborated with us in the past.

Where there is no previous experience (for example, perhaps when working in a new territory) then the approach taken in respect of office suppliers would apply to sub-contractors and / or those appointed by us for the project supply chain. On larger projects a tender process may be created.

Suppliers who help our clients deliver their work

KGAL offers project management services to include tender management, evaluation and adjudication. You can read about our business to business capabilities (including quality assurance) in the Services section of our website.