Project management services

Project management is not just about processes and specifications nor is it just about financial and time planning. Whilst all these are important it requires skilled and experienced people to operate those processes and devise specific tailored plans to suit your project’s requirements. Taking hydro as an example, each of our hydro project team staff has a minimum of 20 years specific hydro industry experience. So we know the theory and, more importantly, how to practice that theory to make your hydro projects a success.

The KGAL Hydro Project Team has a wealth of experience in successfully completing projects all around the world: from Indonesia to India, Venezuela to Vietnam, from Africa to Asia and beyond. Although we are a relatively small team we can field over 250 years in combined hands-on hydro project management experience. We have been involved on many major projects from Dinorwic to Foyers, Pergau to Caruachi. We have managed small upgrades and large plant replacement works (Dolgarrog, Invergarry, Rannoch, Owen Falls and currently Storr Lochs).

We have performed these duties for contractors, end users and utilities and have experience acting as site based project managers on new build and refurbishment projects at home and overseas.

Consequently we can manage the design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning phases of the full range of hydro products: turbines and generators, main inlet valves and penstocks via control systems, electrical equipment and auxiliary plant.

In gathering their range of contract experience our team of project managers have learnt the subtleties of working across different cultures and time zones. We have also absorbed and applied the rigors and techniques of effective and efficient risk management both domestically and internationally.

We can also provide guidance and leadership on legal and contractual matters; be that managing client or contractor CDM responsibilities or assisting with the selection and management of standard and bespoke forms of contract.

If you are looking for a team to take you through the full project cycle we have the skills, processes and experience to manage your project from the pre-contract phase right through to commissioning and hand-over.

All facets of large and small hydro projects are our background and your future.

KGAL director Russ Digby (above left) at Earlston Power Station in Scotland with installation engineers where we project managed the design and replacement of the stoney roller vertical lift gates and intake gates.