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IT Solutions and Automation Project Tender Requirements

Company Overview: We are a forward-thinking design engineering firm specializing in water-based large moving structures, with two strategically located offices in the North and South of the UK. Our mission is to provide innovative and efficient engineering support to our clients.
Current Challenges: Our technical deployment currently faces inefficiencies due to the separation of our two locations. Challenges include work duplication, collaboration difficulties on projects, and limited access to shared files and folders. Despite having a VPN, our staff’s need for remote work capabilities requires improvement.
We’re Seeking Solutions: To address these issues, we are in pursuit of two key solutions:
Solution A - Unified Server Environment: We require a single server environment that can host our CAD/CAM software, ensuring all engineers work collaboratively on the same drawings, parts, and systems without version control problems. This centralised server will eliminate the need for duplicated infrastructure and will be primarily based in our Wakefield office.
Solution B - Document Management System: For our non-technical documentation, we seek an inventive document management solution that can automate processes and integrate seamlessly with our existing Office 365 suite. This system should enhance document control and project management, including email integration. We also require a supplier to develop and implement a: Web based Pitch Deck - will entail the creation of an interactive pitch deck, incorporating narrative, digital images, 3D assets and CGI, all enabling us to present our work, the benefits of contracting us, and the added value support we provide our clients with, all in one cutting edge digital showcase. We anticipate the first aspect will involve:

  • Review existing web architecture/ digital collateral and define new web architecture to accommodate interactive pitch deck and existing digital collateral
  • Create, develop, and implement a new interactive web site pitch deck.

Success Criteria:

  1. Design and deploy a unified server environment for CAD/CAM collaboration
  2. Create an innovative document management system within Office 365
  3. Ensure seamless integration of new systems with existing online tools.
  4. Automate project-related processes to increase efficiency.

What we're looking for from a supplier / suppliers:

  • Proven experience in IT architecture and system integration
  • Strong background in server management and document control systems
  • Familiarity with Office 365 and its automation capabilities
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and innovative thinking
  • Familiar with web-based 3D decks and integration of animations with existing website

For any additional information please contact Tim Doyle:
This procurement exercise will close 29th June 2024