Site supervision

A typical construction site might host workers from up to a dozen different trades, often employed by several different companies, operating to slightly different standards. Add to that the cultural differences of international work and, despite individual best efforts, the group’s abiltiy to achieve the over-arching objectives safely, to schedule and within budget,­ may never be efficiently realised without professional supervision.

With our help your project objectives are more likely to be accomplished. We coordinate resources by managing teams, communications, timing plans and assets (plant and equipment). We use our expert knowledge ­of projects, practices and procedures­ to help control work against agreed parameters, legal requirements, building regulations and quality standards, to control costs and site security, to prevent accidents and to protect the environment.

From our experience we know that of all the impacting influences on a project’s successful development, three most frequently dominate: the weather, the materials used, and the people.

We can do nothing about the weather. But we can give materials advice and it’s why we use our leadership and social skills in managing relationships at all levels: working with people to keep them informed, to monitor welfare and performance, to align them with applicable regulations, to improve motivation and productivity, to help resolve conflicts and enforce best practice for safe working.

Last but not least we put systems in place for regular client reporting (site visits, written reports and formal meetings). We work to a doctrine of ‘no surprises’ and ensure clients are kept fully informed of potential problems, current progress and the latest forecasts.