Specialist Consulting Services

KGAL offers a number of specialist services, mostly related to our core markets of water control, moving structures, tidal energy and hydropower, although some of these services are of equal value to clients in other markets where out-sourcing access to the relevant modern design software or professional expertise is the only option.

Our unique combination of practical experience and niche but diverse skill sets means we’re well placed to help clients with their own niche but diverse problems. Solving them,­ either through conventional routes or with a new and ingenious approach,­ is what our technical specialists do best.

We haven’t listed everything we offer; after all, it’s a constantly evolving list as projects develop, software updates, new engineers join and our skills and knowledge base expands. So you won’t find separate listings for surveying, asset life assessment, life cycle management, SCADA design, training. But we do them all, and more.

What we also do is admit what we can’t do.

So if you’re considering an engineering service, like what you know of us so far, and would like to know how the specialist consulting services of our independent practice can help: give us a call. The chances are we’ve done it before, or that the challenge is well within our capability. Or if on this rare occasion we can’t help, we’ll use best endeavours to find you someone who can.