Water Control

Water is essential to the sustainability of civilisation and our planet. From the first engineering solutions for the distribution of drinking water over 2,500 years ago, the multiple uses for water (for sanitation, health, power, leisure, transport, industry and chemistry) leave alone the constantly increasing demand, means that the need to control water flow, distribution and containment­ is constantly increasing too.

But, as the forecasts for climate change and perennial catastrophic events of flood and drought continue to show, controlling water will forever remain a challenge. Yet despite the enormity of those challenges, life’s dependency necessitates their confrontation. From the Great Man-Made River project in Libya (believed to be the world’s largest irrigation project), to the 2,400 kilometre diversion routes in China, the developing infrastructure to manage water will continue to expand.

KGAL is the leading UK water control engineer. From specific hydraulic steel structures to pumping stations, from model testing to project management, from feasibility to complete installations; for flood defence, river control, ports, harbours and marinas, hydropower, dams and reservoirs, irrigation and drainage,­ KGAL has the range, breadth and depth of experience to deliver engineering excellence to clients, consultants and contractors.