ZRA Meets Xayaburi

ZRA meets Xayaburi

Engineers from the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) who operate Kariba Dam travelled to Xayaburi in Laos for training.

By Nick Crosby on 11th Jun 2019

Two of KGAL’s major projects met head on in March 2019 when six engineers from the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) travelled to Xayaburi in Laos for training.

ZRA operate Kariba Dam on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe where KGAL have been working with Stucky of Switzerland on a major World Bank project to refurbish the spillway. Part of the scope is a new emergency gate to provide an alternative way of closing off a spillway gate water passage. This type of gate is new to ZRA and the training was organised to demonstrate operation of a similar design of emergency gate that already in operation at Xayaburi. This emergency gate had been designed by KGAL and manufactured and installed by Whessoe.

After a long time in planning and an eventful journey with delays and rescheduling, the six ZRA engineers accompanied an engineer from KGAL, finally arrived at Xayaburi site on 7th March to an enthusiastic welcome from the Whessoe staff.

The training started in the classroom with a presentation and discussion on the general issues with emergency equipment – it is not often used, tends to be neglected and, as a consequence, often fails when it’s needed – then on to the specific issues associated with an emergency gate including maintenance, testing and operator training.

With the classroom work complete, the training moved to the site where the Xayaburi emergency gate was assembled using the gantry crane and lowered into the gate slot.

There was time for a little sight seeing during the return trip with an evening in Luang Prabang and in the morning before departure, a trip to the Kuang Si waterfalls outside Luang Prabang before the long trip back to Lusaka.

Zambezi River Authority:

Royd Chandra
Herbert Farai Forusa
Robson Jofirisi
Shawudayi Mafuriranwa
Boyd Silavwe
Davie Tasiyana


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