New flow control gate for Palmer's Dam

KGAL was contracted directly by the Environment Agency to provide design services for a new flow control gate system on the upstream face of the existing Palmer’s Dam about half a mile west of the village of Harbentonford, near Totnes in Devon. A failure of the existing gate to operate reliably could have led to flooding of properties downstream and a flood wave, which could put lives at risk.

Palmers Dam gateThe new system, using water level sensors (pressure transducers), was required to control flow through a culvert, thereby defending the village against flooding. 

KGAL worked in partnership with H R Wallingford Ltd to provide a turnkey design solution package including all aspects of M&E and Civils consultancy for the Environment Agency: the new gate was installed in October 2016 and has now been successfully commissioned.

The picture shows the new gate being lowered into place with a temprary cofferdam (seen in the foreground) installed upstream to provide dry working conditions.

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