In addition to our structural, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical engineering services, KGAL also offers system engineering and, within that, consultancy services addressing risk and reliability.

For clients in our core markets – hydropower, water control and moving structures –  we provide professional advice on risk management and subsequent mitigation through reliability engineering.

Reliability engineering is the process of designing systems to be more reliable and therefore less likely to fail. To this extent we are driven by, and report to, an international code of functional safety known as IEC 61508 which accommodates the principle of tolerable risk. Inherent in this code are SILs (Safety Integrity Levels): a numerical range which, subject to a sensitivity study, quantitatively identifies safety system performance.

At KGAL we combine this reporting with a qualitative analysis too, since such analyses provide a more comprehensive picture of the overall system’s vulnerabilities based on our own engineering experience in the field. In this way clients benefit from both the objective quantitative analysis and the peer review from industry experts at KGAL who, with our contractor and consultancy heritage, can identify the causes of failure, the routes to mitigation and, subsequently, the total cost of ownership.

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