Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


All material and intellectual property, unless otherwise stated, is the copyright of KGAL. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, post, distribute, broadcast, record, transmit or edit any part of this site or the computer codes or elements comprising the site, other than solely for your own personal or internal business use. You may not use the content of the site for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Copyright includes the logotype and fluid mark.

The exceptions are (1) for students undertaking research work or dissertations for whom permission to requests to copy, provided that the copied material is attributed, is unlikely to be refused; (2) downloading brochureware and other material offered for download as part of a potential client’s due diligence; (3) third parties wishing to link to this site where that link would be relevant (e.g. an industry partner or collaborator wishing to provide a more comprehansive picture to his or her site visitors).

KGAL® is a registered trademark throughout the European Union.

The URLs KGAL.co.uk and KGALglobal.com are registered to KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd.


Almost all the photographs appearing here were taken by our own staff, provided by a collaborator or client, or taken by a professional photographer commissioned by us. In the unlikely event that you find a photograph to which you or your company owns the copyright, and that image is unauthorised or unattributed, please let us know using the email address marketing@  KGALglobal.com (no spaces: used here to avoid spam); we will promptly respond to your request to attribute or remove the image.


Information on this site is provided for general information purposes only. Despite our efforts, it may not be accurate, complete or up to date. In no event will KGAL be liable for any damages, loss or consequential loss resulting from your use of, or reliance on, information published on this site. KGAL will always be pleased to learn of any errors and will endeavour to correct the corresponding article or page promptly.

KGAL has no editorial control over any links to third party websites which are provided purely for your convenient access to additional information. Unless otherwise stated such links are not endorsements and users should be mindful that no guarantee can be provided by KGAL that those sites to which it is linked are virus free.

It is possible that none or not all of the services offered by KGAL are currently available,­ or will ever be available,­ in your country.

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