Economic solutions for SSE

KGAL has been assisting Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) Generation in establishing economic solutions for returning three hydro turbines to service, refurbishment of a Kaplan turbine, and the potential installation of up to four new compensation sets to maximise operational efficiency. All seven projects are in Scotland.

Stronuich Power StationOriginally commissioned during late summer in 2015 to look at five of these projects across four locations over a 3-4 month period, the other three projects soon became apparent at other locations. The integrated KGAL/SSE team stepped up efforts and the initial assessments and concept detailing were completed in an accelerated two-month programme.

For existing sites, which range from 98kW to 1.5MW in unit size, there are a number of refurbishment and replanting options for existing units that are out of service or have operational problems after a long life. There are plans for other sites to optimise the energy recovery from statutory compensation flows on some existing overall scheme ranges from 55kW to 280kW.SSE Glendoe

KGAL has assisted with scheme definition to a level of detail sufficient to make investment decisions, including high level financial modelling. We are continuing to support SSE with engineering and project management for implementation of the schemes. Definition of scope and procurement are well advanced and tenders have been invited for the projects where new units are required.

SSE Storr LochsIssues to solve have been wide and varied; from engineering solutions that are suitably robust to ensure that compensation flows are provided in the event of trips and failures, to considering leading edge technology to improve environmental performance, including fish-friendly turbine solutions.


The images show (from top) SSE's Stronuich Power Station in Perthshire; Glendoe, at the south west end of Loch Ness in the Great Glen of Inverness-shire and Storr Lochs at Portree on Skye.

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