Expert witness

Whether for litigation, arbitration, a civil action or an official enquiry, KGAL is able to provide independent specialist knowledge for one or more parties where an informed technical opinion may help to support an argument or assist others in resolving a dispute. Our unique credentials in relevant cases mostly come from our range and depth of experience in all issues relating to our core engineering skills in hydropower, moving structures and water control.

Our role in such situations is to go beyond the facts by providing an expert opinion as to why those facts exists. A layman, for example, could identify the fact that a bracing structure had become warped or deformed; our role in such a case would be to provide expert opinion as to why this might have happened: for example through a design fault, a material weakness, maintenance shortfalls or an unanticipated force.

Where the potential for damages are large, and / or where the dispute has elevated to a possible Technology and Construction Court hearing, choosing the right expert witness is critical; he or she may be pivotal to the outcome. For more reassurance that we are the experts in our field we would be happy to provide summary details of previous cases and clients (where these aren’t confidential).

Clearly, resolving disputes ever before they reach the expense of legal recourse, leave alone a desire to avoid the potential for any reputational damage, is always preferable. Engaging us early on in the process may help to resolve matters in the most cost-efficient manner.

If you are facing a potential issue in an area where we are known for our experience and skill sets then an initial chat may be the wisest investment of all. But remember, if appointed, we will act as an expert, not as an advocate; our opinion has to remain independent.