From paper to plant; KGAL designs meet the needs of Europe's leading hydropower market.

Byafossen plantNorway is the single largest producer of hydropower in Europe; it’s total output meets over 98% of the county’s electricity demand. Helping to maintain that delivery is the Nordic Investment Bank who are co-financing three hydropower projects in mid-Norway of which one is Byafossen; a plant run by NTE Energy, one of Norway’s’ largest electrical contractors.

Helping them with the refurbishment is HMR, a Norwegian company specialising in energy infrastructure. And helping them with the design of the plant’s new gates and trash racks is KGAL.

We have a long-standing relationship with HMR and, on this job, our contract with them was for the design of four wheeled gates Byafossen flounderByafossen trackand associated trash racks and an overspill flap gate. The components were fabricated in Riga, Latvia, and are now being installed on site.

HMR and the ultimate client have both expressed how pleased they are with how the project has run and the standard and accuracy of our drawings.

The flap gate is in place and its hydraulic cylinder mounting bracket is being installed now. The next process is to install the top hydraulic cylinder mounting brackets above the wheeled gates. The hydraulic pipe work and power packs are already in place. Our design work was largely influenced by the environment; the station is located in a national salmon river and, on completion, conditions for salmon will be improved.

Byafossen installation 1Byafossen installation 2

Images: The Byafossen hydropower plant, Steinkjer, Norway; the trash rack ‘flounder’ and wheeled gate embedded track in fabrication in Riga; wheeled gate installation November 2017. The video below shows the gate and trash rack installation.


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