Collectively, the experts at KGAL have more years of experience in water control gates than those of  any other UK hydraulic steel structures engineer.

Today, employing over 40 people, KGAL is not only the market leader in the structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design and engineering for water control gates in the UK, but also has an increasingly large body of work overseas.

We’ve designed gates for almost every application so it’s near certain that if you’re a gate owner, looking to refurbish or replace, or an asset owner, developer or contractor in need of a gate solution, our consultancy is best placed to help. We consider all the factors likely to influence the performance, cost and quality of a preferred recommendation: everything from operational reliability to the final ease of decommissioning.

You can find our more by downloading our gates brochure or calling us at our UK offices in Wakefield or Poole for an initial chat.

You can also follow the link to learn about our capabilities in gate design for flood defence and river control