Government advice from KGAL in West Bengal                               

Working with HR Wallingford for WAPCOS Ltd (a public sector enterprise of India’s Ministry of Water Resources) KGAL has contributed to a scoping study for the rehabilitation of Farakka lock in West Bengal. Improving navigability of the Farakka Feeder Canal is but one part of the much larger Ganges and Hooghly River / Farakka barrage project, in turn designed to preserve and maintain Kolkata Port, some 350km south.

Our study reviewed all visible elements including the gates, the mechanical and electrical equipment, communication systems, power supplies and lighting. We reviewed all existing documents, O&M records and the overall operational performance of the lock. HR Wallingford and ourselves were then able to make an assessment of performance improvements based on our recommendations for the replacement of key components.

Farakka lock

The client’s call was for a unique combination of technical knowledge and professional experience; not just to inspect, identify and describe conditions, but also to forecast rehabilitation costs, recommend detailed planning, design and implementation, and advise on the approach to selecting contracting partners.

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