The Directors of KGAL are pleased to announce a change of ownership

After 25 years as sole owners, Ken Grubb and his wife Sue took the opportunity to strategically review the needs of the Company to ensure success over the next 25 years. They concluded that there was a need to inject fresh impetus into the business and considered the best way of achieving this. As a result of this review, on Friday 15th April 2016, Whessoe Sdn Bhd of Malaysia purchased 100% of the share capital of Kenneth Grubb Associates Ltd.

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We believe this acquisition will provide the best platform from which to launch the next phase in our journey of growth and success. Based on the solid foundations cast by Ken and the team, we hope to continue our planned growth with strategic additions of complimentary expertise in the fields of large moving structures, water control and hydropower.

With origins in the North of England stretching back over 200 years, Whessoe Sdn Bhd (WSB) has become one of the largest, privately owned engineering and construction companies in  SE Asia. Originally part of a UK group of companies, predominantly involved in the oil & gas, LNG and nuclear sectors, WSB was established as a completely separate company in Malaysia in 1999. WSB retains no connection with the UK business Whessoe Engineering Ltd.

The two companies have recently collaborated on KGAL's largest contract to date, the Xayaburi HEPP in Lao PDR. Together, WSB and KGAL have designed, built and installed some of the largest spillway gates in the world and continue to work towards completion of what has been a very successful project for both companies, paving the way for the successful acquisition of KGAL.

Having considered a number of options, it was decided to accept the WSB proposal since it offered the unique opportunity of a new owner that introduces no conflict of interests or services to any of our existing clients and partners. WSB does not offer  any consulting services, it does not operate within the UK and it is currently the only engineering construction company that KGAL supports in SE Asia.

Ken Grubb will remain with the Company in a senior engineering position, providing the same level of expertise and support that we have been used to over the past 25 years. As anyone who has ever met Ken will know, he's an engineer first and foremost and will continue to follow this passion within the KGAL team.

We remain committed to providing the same level of service and personal attention that we are proud to be associated with and look forward to continuing our business relationship into the future.

For and on behalf of the KGAL Directors 

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