KGAL joins PIANC and ADA

KGAL has joined the UK division of the PIANC global network (Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses) with a view to attending events and meetings with like-minded people to learn, discuss and share knowledge of industry trends and information relevant to our expertise.

Our joining is part of a wider strategy to further develop our moving structures engineering skill in markets associated with navigable waterways.

We understand the criticality of water control; from canal lock and harbour dry dock gates through to gates which are among the world’s largest. We are the design engineers of the six mitre gate leafs at Xayaburi on the Lower Mekong River, the largest two of which, each at 30 x 7.5m and weighing almost 160 tonnes, are taller than the rolling gates currently being installed on the new Panama Canal project.

Our membership means we can stay at the forefront of market developments and, thereby, remain better able to advise clients through a combination of our own skills and experiences, the experiences shared by others, best practice and industry innovation.

The Association of Drainage Authorities offers similar advantages as PIANC but primarily addressing the domestic issues of flood protection, flood risk management and land drainage in the UK. Attendance at their events brings us closer to the Association’s many Local Authority members.

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