Locked in to luxury

Emerald bay marina locksOn the Malaysian side of the Straits of Johor maritime border with Singapore, just east of its gateway to the Straits of Malacca, lies Puteri Harbour and, soon to branch from it, Emerald Bay: a luxury private marina development comprising waterside homes and exclusive recreational facilities. But with a tidal range of almost four meters the developers (Haute Property Sdn Bhd) needed a boat lock installed,­ before flooding the man-made marina lagoon,­ to ensure inland water levels were maintained.

The challenges for our designers were directly related to the development itself or, more accurately, the needs of the future residents. As high net worth individuals, more used to instant gratification, the speed of the lock cycle was critical. Furthermore, yacht ownership is competitive; we had to anticipate that yachts ownership would increase and that the yachts themselves would get bigger; our design had to facilitate up to six medium sized yachts navigating the system at any one time. Lastly, the gates had to provide not only a safe pedestrian walkway when closed, but also accommodate the traverse of golf buggies.

These issues, along with the need to consider the operational efficiency, redundancy and lagoon flushing for aquatic bio-diversity informed a final design of two parallel locks controlled by vertically hinged flap gates, themselves operated by hydraulic cylinders. Under a seating hydrostatic head, the hydrostatic force will push the gates onto the sealing frame; under an off seating head, locking pins would be required.

Project Manager Jasper Taylor explained “The project has been exciting and challenging due to constraints governed by the location, site layout, environmental conditions and available lifting equipment. In close consultation with the client team, however, we have managed to overcome those issues through our experience and technical knowledge”.

We are undertaking all the M&E which includes stoplogs, sluice gates, penstocks, culverts and trash screens, moving barriers and handrails, plant rooms, navigation lights, alarms, pipework, ducting, CCTV and all controls.

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