KGAL design safe, reliable, efficient low voltage power distribution and control systems; from conceptual designs to preliminary and detailed specifications where these are associated with our core markets: moving structures, water control and renewable energy: tidal and hydropower.

The power and control systems range from critical facilities requiring an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and generator back-up to standard automatic systems with manual operating needs. Where process conditions require adjustment of flow from a pump, such as bridge slewing mechanisms, varying the speed of the drive using variable-speed drive (VSD) equipment to control the speed of machinery may save energy compared with other techniques for flow control.  Programmable Logic Systems (PLC) represent key aspects of our electrical system designs.

We are proud to offer engineering design services focused on providing and delivering innovative solutions to mechanical engineering structures. Our electrical designs can meet power and control needs in the following areas:

•    Electrical distribution including cable sizing and schematic diagrams using recognised software

•    Safety critical systems

•    Low voltage power generation (prime and stand-by power)

•    SCADA (system control and data acquisition)

•    UPS

•    Grounding and lightning protection assessments and recommendations

Our services include the development of:

•    Block cable diagrams

•    Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)

•    Specifications (written design requirements of all major equipment items)

•    Operating manuals

Feasibility studies and condition reports

•    Conduct risk based HAZOP and HAZID workshops

•    Factory acceptance tests and site commissioning

We can also provide advice and recommendations on related systems, e.g.:

•    Fire alarms and site security

•    Special environments (e.g. corrosive, hazardous, etc.,)

•    Compiling technical file for CE marking.

•    Connectivity with mains electricity power for renewable energy systems

We also have vast experience of designing and managing the installation of HV systems and equipment; everything from switch gear (e.g. SF6 and vacuum circuit breakers, protection relays) to very high MVA rated transformers and high specification hydro-generators. KGAL also undertakes factory acceptance testing, site tests and commissioning.

The images show electrical and hydraulic circuits / systems controlling the Ro-Ro linkspan, Berth 6, at the Port of Dover, England.