Modest lifting bridge for Cotswold canal

Although, colloquially, KGAL is best known for ‘big things that move’, we occasionally downsize and turn our hand to things far more discreet. A recent example is our design for an elegant and compact lifting bridge across Stroudwater at Lodgermeore in the English Cotswolds of Gloucestershire.

Stroudwater bascule bridgeImage: © Peter Westley CCT

KGAL Associate, Angela Robotham, whose own narrow boat is moored in the nearby Saul Marina, designed a simple bascule bridge perfectly balanced for manual operation. The Cotswold Canals Trust was so impressed by the design they commissioned Peter Westley to create an artist’s impression from Angela’s engineering drawings for display at their visitors’ centre. The sympathetic, environmentally friendly, human scale design has now received planning permission.

You can read more about the project in this article published by the Cotswold Canal Trust: 

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