Moving Structures

KGAL specialises in all aspects of structural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering for "big things that move"; they are disciplines which have dominated our service output since our inception over two decades ago.

Our design and engineering experts, many with strong construction or contractor backgrounds, can proudly attach their names to some of the most iconic and well known structures of their type; feasibility studies for the second Poole Harbour crossing on England’s south coast, conceptual designs for the Falkirk Wheel boatlift in Scotland, major landmarks like the Media City swing bridge across the Manchester ship canal in Salford, and, in Auckland, New Zealand, the simple but elegant Te Wero pedestrian bridge.

In addition to design engineering in the specific markets listed, KGAL also offers expertise in:

Despite our range of experiences and skills, some clients choose to engage us for elements or modules or our expertise. It’s a collaborative approach with which we’re entirely familiar and comfortable; we like to think of ourselves as the “partners who enable”.

Please review some of our work shown here and, if you’d like to learn more, have a very preliminary enquiry, or would like to introduce us to a possible project, don’t hesitate to call us or email via the contact pages.