Ports, harbours, marinas and canal gates

As aspirations grow, international trade increases, military defence needs expand, and travel and leisure take an increasing share of people’s time and money, so the market for ports, harbours, marinas and canals and their usage also increases.

For navigable waterways, shipbuilding and repair, marina access and ‘safe haven’ harbours, controlling water levels, averting storm damage and / or preventing flooding is crucial to the ongoing viability of these commercial assets. As Alec Don, chief executive of Milford Dock in Wales said on the installation of new lock gates “We believe fishing and water based leisure can bring even greater benefits to the local economy. A modern, efficient dock brings more business here, more investment, spending and jobs.”

Here at KGAL we have been responsible for the design of the relevant gates, using a variety of materials and in a wide range of country locations. We have a collaborative approach to projects and problem solving and always achieve the best possible result for our clients’ requirements, irrespective of the challenges ­ always striving for the right combination of quality, economy, innovation and efficiency to provide the best solutions. From dry docks to canal locks; harbour flood defence to marina sea level management, KGAL has been designing, refurbishing, renewing and overseeing installations of varying scale and complexity for over 20 years. And the skills and experiences of some of our engineers, in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering, go back almost twice as long.

Our gate engineering experience has been earned through a practical engagement in all project stages; from the initial design, specification, and procurement through to the supervision of site activities and the final site acceptance testing and eventual project hand-over and completion.

Follow this link to download our ports, harbours and marinas brochure.

Images: (l) replacement gate installation on behalf of Atkins at the Port of Milford Haven in Wales; (r) lock gates at Portishead marina in south west England. 
you tube link logoYou can see a video of the lock gates at Portishead operating here.