Pumping stations

KGAL has a wealth of experience in pumping station engineering: everything from asset surveys to a full refurbishment; component maintenance and renewal, to overseeing a completely new installation. Our experience of pumping station types is just as varied: for flood defence, machine cooling, land drainage, marina level management, canal locks, water supply and pumped storage hydroelectricity.

Our clients are predominantly in utilities and the public sector (local authorities and government agencies); clients for whom knowledgeable experience of working with near-continuous processes is an essential prerequisite.

And because KGAL is deeply conversant with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering, we are frequently engaged to project manage as well as undertake individual modules of a programme: be it a condition assessment or the upgrade and replacement of control systems and instrumentation,­ including remote SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) monitoring.

Asset owners or managers will already have a formal asset appraisal process in place and it’s quite often that it’s this appraisal routine which triggers the need for a deeper asset inspection. The over-arching objective will almost always be to lengthen the asset’s life; engaging KGAL promptly will ensure custodians have the right advice and the right expertise to maximise the asset life in the most cost-efficient way.

The picture shows the Black Sluice Pumping Station at Boston in Lincolnshire, England. The land drainage facility pumps water from the Lincolnshire fens to the North Sea.