Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) at Emerald Bay

Emerald bay montageIn September 2016, Project Manager and Senior Engineer, Jasper Taylor, carried out the Site Acceptance Testing of the new set of lock gates for the Emerald Bay resort in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) on behalf of the client, Haute Property Sdn Bhd (owned by BRDB), and constructed by Adasfa Sdn Bhd. The Lock equipment was successfully tested in dry conditions during the visit and flooding of the lock is scheduled to take place by mid-November. Jasper is confident that the gates and related equipment will prove to be very effective for this final stage and more than happy with the work carried out to date.

The lock is believed to be one of the first locks in Malaysia and a great landmark for future developments in the country. You can read more about the development and see a CGI video here.

The picture shows the parallel navigation locks viewed from the control room (inset)

News Update - January 2017

As forecast, the lock chambers have now been flooded and everyhting is working correctly:

Emerald Bay lock flooded

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