State of the art design for aspirational new bridge over River Clyde

KGAL and Cass Hayward have been working alongside Sweco UK Ltd. since late 2015 to provide specialised engineering consultancy services to Renfrew Council in respect of a new moveable bridge across the River Clyde in Renfrew, Scotland.

KGAL's role has involved considering, evaluating and designing options for the M&E elements of the Clyde Crossing Bridge, a 184m long, twin leaf cable stayed swing bridge, and associated control buildings.

The £92m Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside Project (CWRR) bridge will have to maintain a clear navigable channel width of 90m across the River Clyde, with two carriageways and two cycle/footpaths.  The overall length of each bridge leaf of the twin leaf cable stayed swing bridge will be in the order of 92m, with each leaf weighing approximately 3,100 tonnes.

A number of options for the type of bridge had been considered by Kettle Collective Architects, with a selection of concept designs put forward for consideration by the Client's selection process, with KGAL playing an important role in advising on the relative viabilities and costs for each option from an M&E point of view.  The final architectural design has been endorsed by Architectural Scotland and the chosen concept has been delivered up to the specimen design stage by KGAL and Cass Hayward, with the bridge team in KGAL's Gloucester office providing mechanical, hydraulic and electrical specimen designs, together with the AIP and functional requirements specifications.

The design posed a number of challenges in order to satisfy the architectural aspirations and the sheer size of the crossing, in particular, the severe skew of the abutments and the nose interface, and issues relating to thermal expansion requiring the development of an active expansion joint.  Moment reactions due to live loads, dead loads and superimposed loads, resulting from differential heating, resulted in a 7m dia slewing ring bearing to a Rothe Erde design being used to support the bridge deck.

Commenting on KGAL's involvement in the project, Chris Cardno, Operations Manager at Sweco, said: "Since commencing work on the commission, the KGAL team has consistently delivered to a very high standard under a tight programme.  They've taken a very pro-active approach to design rationalisation and value engineering to the benefit of the project.  I am delighted with their valuable and significant contribution to the CWRR project."

The bridge will be going out to tender in the new year and KGAL has been asked by Sweco to continue supporting the project by being involved in the tender and construction phases. 

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