Technical due diligence

Due diligence normally describes the research process that precedes a corporate purchase or merger. The process involves a number of subcomponents to cover everything from reviewing the compatibility of the two parties to auditing the financial position.

But where the purchase is of a significant asset, rather than a business, then the prudent buyer will insist on undertaking technical due diligence; research to verify the physical characteristics of the asset: its current condition, its development potential and the likely future costs to maintain its ongoing usefulness.

KGAL’s experts are the people to turn to for just such an investigation where those assets are related to our core markets of water control, moving structures, tidal energy and hydropower.

We’ll help you to make a more informed decision about a likely investment by understanding the technical feasibility, advising of any technical, legal or competitor obstacles and verifying any future assumptions. Our rigorous research isn’t limited to the asset itself, we’ll also examine the relevant environmental factors (flood risk, health and safety, underground infrastructure, site access and services)­ as well as legal searches and any documentary evidence in technical reports, previous surveys or risk assessments. And we’ll look at political and socio-economic issues and forecasts which might turn a cost-efficient purchase today into a cash-draining millstone tomorrow.

Whether it’s for a direct investment or to support a financing proposal, our experts provide a unique combination of relevant project experience with robust analysis to provide clients with sound, dependable advice.