Tied to tidal energy

Swansea -Image 1 A5 IntroGen.jpgThe Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon is an exciting hydroelectric project which plans to harness the natural effects of gravity and the earth’s rotation to generate power from the rise and fall in sea levels. In the Seven Estuary that tidal range is among the largest in the world; a difference which will be exploited to produce clean, reliable power of 320MW from a unique, man-made, energy generating lagoon.

We have been engaged by Atkins to provide the outline design for the eight sluice gates, stoplogs and the associated hoisting gear. The gates open at the end of the generating cycle to “gulp” the remaining tide into / out of the lagoon before the next tidal cycle begins. Stoplogs will allow for any one gate to be isolated for maintenance; the hoist system for each gate will incorporate hydraulic cylinders.

The project is being handled by our Gloucester office headed up by Angela Robotham.

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