New senior appointments at KGAL 

Russ Digby of KGAL Dave Griffiths of KGAL

KGAL's new regional managing directors Russ Digby (l) and Dave Griffiths (r)

With immediate effect Ken Grubb (KGAL proprietor and former MD) becomes KGAL’s Executive Chairman and Russ Digby and Dave Griffiths take on the joint roles of regional MD. Although both directors will have common organisational responsibilities Russ, working from the Poole office, will specialise in the technical work of the business whilst, in Wakefield, Dave adopts the commercial responsibilities.

Describing the changes as making KGAL ‘fit for the future’, Ken Grubb said “the changes are the best way to make the business better. They allow for more accountable roles whilst still keeping the structure reasonably flat and accessible”.  Ken says the move will enable the business to grow, whilst remaining agile, offer new strategic development freedoms, provide clearer career paths for staff and, with the introduction of other changes, support customers better by ensuring key people are dedicated to serving key clients.   

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